Sunday, October 30, 2011

Best few hours ever!

So my preggo friend McCall (auntie call call) came to visit this weekend!  Even though I was only able to see her for a few hours (massive random snow storm in NY screwing up the roads) the visit with her and aunt Riks reminded me how luck I am to have such great friends.  I know we are all cheesy and we will all be AXO sisters forever :) :)   But we really are so lucky to have each other.  While we are all kooky, special, spastic and nuts I would have it no other way and I would travel to the end of the earth to see all of them!
Riks, McCall, Krugler, Manlin, Jilly Bean and Katertots...I miss you everyday!  I wish we all lived in the same city! 

See most of you at McCalls shower!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

America's Next Top Models

Soooooo...I am a "stage mom"!

It is official!  The girls are signed with a modeling agency.  I think this will be fun for all of us and hopefully put some money in their college accounts!  It is so thrilling to see them up on the website of the modeling agency and wait for the first "go sees".  I figured that now I am home with them, we may as well take advantage of the time we have!  Cross your fingers for them!  Let's hope Hannah's "unique" look brings her work and Emily's "gerber baby" look gets her some!

Also how cool would it be if they were on commercials etc!

Check them out on (reps preggos and kids)
Scan through the east coast models and you will see them :)

Love to all!
-Mama Rose

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The fun is over...

It's official...The fun is over.

Emily is crawling...She is moving...Life is done.

I remember how EXCITED we were when Hannah started crawling.  We were so proud of her!  She crawled early, walked early and ran early.  (still hasn't stopped)


I already miss the days she was a tiny peanut.  Content to sit in my lap and snuggle/nap with me.  She is now a moving monster who does not stay still.  Constantly trying to throw herself off the couch. 

The days of having it "easy" are over.  Now life is going to get really hard.  I will never sit down again.  Maybe Hannah will be my little police woman and keep her in order! 


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So much more than a carseat...

So I just packed up Emily's baby car seat and it was so sad.  If D and I don't have another peanut in our future today may be the last time it was used.  It represents so much more than Em getting big.  She is almost not our "baby" anymore.  Days from now she will be crawling...then walking...then running...then going to school and going to college and leaving me.  I can't believe she is almost 7 months old!  It has truly flown so fast and I can not imagine not having another one in the future. 

Hannah is going to school in September!  I know she is going to love every single hour of it!  But I feel like time is flying so by and she will be in Kindergarten before we know it. 

I wish I could slow down time and keep them small a little bit longer!

Let's not get started that my doggies are 7...I feel like we just got them.  So scary...

This was just a little rant on how sad I am that my tiny peanut is a big girl...I am so proud of how amazingly gorgeous, patient and kind she is...even at 7 months old :)

I am sure my mommy friends will relate to this :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

So you think you can blog...

I am starting this blog for a few reasons...
1.  I know Rikki will be entertained by it.
2.  I am bored during nap time.
3.  I love reading my friends mommy blogs.
4.  I like hearing myself talk.
5.  I love bragging about my beautiful, perfect, amazing, gorgeous, unbelievable and AWESOME daughters Hannah and Emily.
6.  Because it will annoy my husband Doug, who is asking me why I am doing this right now. 

There are so many changes happening in my life and I would love to share it with my fb friends and family!  I feel that its fun to express my self internetly and I am hoping my buddies enjoy reading it! 
goodbye and goodnight :)